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XYZ Films
The Harbinger

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Crew Role: Art Department Production Assistant

Monique ventures out of quarantine to visit an old friend who's plagued by nightmares. She finds herself drawn into a hellish dreamscape where she must face her greatest fears - or risk never having existed at all.

Written and Directed by Andy Mitton
Produced by Jay Dunn, Clark Freeman,
Richard W. King, and Andy Mitton

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Tyler Eaton and Lauren Gilbert
Mysterious Ways

Crew Role: Production Designer

Two sibling youth pastors who accidentally possess a member of their youth group with a demonic spirit must stop her rampage on Halloween night, before Satanic forces usher in the End of Days.

Written and Directed by Tyler Eaton
Produced by Lauren Gilbert

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Advanced Cinema Production Short Fiction Film:

Crew Roles: Writer, Director, and Production Designer

A boy comes face to face with the unknown. A mysterious black monolith lies in the middle of a field. No one knows where it came from or why it is there, all they know is that to make contact with it, would be the first steps towards a new discovery. One boy becomes a promising subject in that journey.

Produced by Bryan Smith
Cinematography by Matt Cavanaugh
Score by Ratewenniio George
Sound Design by Charlie Bernstein
Boy played by Andrew Jacobson

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Experimental Film Production, Short Fiction Film:
deep within,
deep within, deep within

Crew Role: Stop-motion animator, Art Director, Sound Designer

Multi-media, experimental stop motion animation film created for an Experimental film course at Ithaca College. Class was virtual and synchronous which allowed for easy access to comparing work and critiquing projects.

Short film created solo during quarantine.

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Some Older Projects

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