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What's the Latest?

Most recently, I was on an AFI Production as a Prop Master for the film, The Witch Pricker and The Hare, a student thesis film about the witch trials in Scotland in the 1600's. This is the first period piece I have done in a while and I researched and learned how to create blood/SFX from scratch for this production!


The Witch Pricker and The Hare



I am a resourceful set dresser with 5 years of experience learning and working in film production and 3 years of experience working more specifically in art departments. 

My bubbly personality and organized work ethic are what people appreciate most about me. I'm passionate about going the extra mile to make a project shine and skilled at remaining a calm and positive presence in stressful situations. I'm looking to work with teams who can take on any task, big or small, and who know how important it is to support each other.

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About me

When I watched movies as a kid, I was always fascinated by the sets and props. Eyes sparkling with wonder at films that had props and sets wilder than anyone could imagine, I hoped that one day I could design something just as incredible. I have always had a sense that the art department was a place I could be the most creative with my combined skills in art and filmmaking. Today, that childhood wonder and artistic vision can be seen through what I design. Because of my supplemental studies in Art and Environmental Science in college, I also understand the importance of using more sustainable sculpting and building materials; which is now more important than  ever. Although no set can be perfectly sustainable, I try my hardest to think about re-using materials and focusing on an "exit-plan" for all items, built or bought. This helps me and my teams create less waste on set. I always learn something new on each shoot I work on, either from the people I work with, or through trial and error in the process of making props or dressing a set. I have the mentality that making mistakes makes you better at what you do; if I'm always striving for perfection, then there is no room for improvement. The excitement and feeling of accomplishment I get when I am truly in my element is how know I am on the right path as an artist and pushes me to always keep learning and be open to new possibilities. 

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